• Comlink #7
  • Comlink #5

    Full control of your site with an GSM-based alarm transmitter!

  • Comlink #1

    Use your mobile to open gates, ports & doors.

  • Comlink #2

    Wireless runtime metering and status, get an e-mail or text when maintenance is due!

  • Comlink #3

    2G- & 3G-modems for fast and reliable communication.

  • Comlink #4

    Monitor and control temperature, alarm via text directly to your mobile!

  • Comlink #6

    Are you looking for a custom product? Contact us, we have our own development department!

Welcome to Comlink AB

Our alarm transmitters enables machines and other equipment to communicate over the GSM network.

Comlink develops both hardware and software in house, we deliver Swedish quality with full support and genuine knowledge.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for, we have developed a number of custom products as OEM-suppliers and chances are good that we have experience in your area.